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ANNOUNCING (Update 1/20/20): Hankook Motorsports, Official Distributor of Hankook Competition Tires North America, has been announced as series title sponsor of Lucky Dog Racing League, a three-year agreement, confirming their alignment with the fastest growing grassroots endurance series in this segment of motorsports. Starting in January 2020, Lucky Dog Racing League/Powered by Hankook Competition teams will be required to run Hankook’s Ventus R-S4 tire, offering teams guaranteed stock in at least a dozen sizes, exceptional discounted pricing, expert support and $3,000 in free tires at every event!

**These special LDRL Hankook tires/prices are ONLY for registered Lucky Dog competitors and ONLY for use inside of Lucky Dog Races.**

UPDATE 1/1/2021: Due to COVID-19 & the impact on shipping/freight providers, we recommend that you order tires ASAP and no later than 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event. For coordinated quantity/group buys using a freight carrier, allow additional time.


ABOUT HANKOOK: By sponsoring a wide range of motorsports competitions and teams at home and abroad, Hankook Tire is inspiring drivers worldwide to overcome the challenges posed by speed and to take on new possibilities. Through Hankook Tire’s innovative technology, drivers around the world can enjoy achieving new goals and setting new records. Hankook Tire is raising the bar of motorsports for a passionate driving culture for those who are thrilled about the world of motorsports competition. Hankook Tire provides cutting edge performance on the circuit. As the official tire partner of DTM, 24H Series, Supercar Challenge, FARA USA, Formula 3, Formula 4 America, Radical Cup, USTCC, PCA Spec Cayman, TCR and now Lucky Dog Racing League, Hankook Competition Tires performance are proven at the most demanding of racing circuits around the world.

BACKGROUND: Tires are integral to managing speed & safety in endurance racing and tires happen to be a top budget item for teams during an event weekend. After 18 months of capturing your tire information during Tech Inspection, Hankook’s Ventus R-S4 tires rose to the top with a 78% usage rate in LDRL, confirming that R-S4’s are the most cost-effective & reliable tire for our series. These tires are being specially marked for Lucky Dog Racing League, complete with the Hankook and LDRL logos!

WHAT’S IN IT FOR TEAMS: As the most dominant tire in grassroots endurance racing, guaranteed stock of the top 12 sizes used can be challenging but with this program we have removed the hurdle. The most popular 12 sizes will be in stock 365 days a year with the ability to order other sizes with 90 days advance notice. Tires are offered at a large discounted price and at each race, podium finishers in A/B/C Class on each day will receive the following contingency (must be running LDRL marked Hankook tires for contingency):


    • 1st Place - 2 tires
    • 2nd Place - 1 tire
    • 3rd Place - $50 Gift Card towards next tire purchase

Top Dog Champions in A, B and C Class will receive a full set of tires and tickets to a 24H Global Endurance race of their choice, sponsored by Hankook Competition.

SHIPPING POLICY: For guaranteed sizes, your tires are usually ready to ship the next day. If not, Hankook will contact you within 24 hours of placing your order and let you know what the estimated ship date will be. Standard shipping is UPS ground. Freight shipping to a commercial warehouse address is available for 6+ sets. If you would like expedited shipping or a want to place a bulk order, please email UPDATE 1/1/2021: Due to COVID-19 & the impact on shipping/freight providers, we recommend that you order tires ASAP and no later than 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event. For coordinated quantity/group buys using a freight carrier, allow additional time.

TIRE MOUNTING: Most teams currently work with online tire distributors with deliveries directly to you or a local tire installer of choice for mounting. This program works the same way and we are also establishing a network of LDRL preferred tire installers who will mount and balance your tires at a fixed cost. Locations will be added as they become available (most West Coast corporate & independent tire centers will mount Hankooks not purchased from them, of course without warranty as a race-use tire). If you have any questions regarding this or would like to become a preferred installer, please contact

HANKOOK DOESN’T MAKE MY SIZE TIRE: Tire sizes and measurements are subjective and not all tires are measured the same way. LDRL has made sure that Hankook has a size in the Ventus R-S4 tire that will support 95% of the cars running in the series. Please contact the experts at Hankook Motorsports to get the correct tire size/measurements for your vehicle as there. (For example, the R-S4 195/50/15 measures out to the same dimensions as a 205/50/15 from other manufacturers.)  

HANKOOKS PURCHASED ELSEWHERE: All tires must be purchased directly from Hankook Motorsports by the team that is running them in the series. The sale and use of tires purchased from other sources including but not limited to Lucky Dog Teams is
prohibited and is a violation of the program. Any marked LDRL R-S4 tires that are
sold must be marked on the sidewall with “TESTING PURPOSES ONLY.” 

PODIUM WITHOUT HANKOOK MOTORSPORTS COMPETITION TIRES: Teams not running LRDL marked tires purchased directly through this Hankook Motorsports program (for whatever reason) are not eligible for podium finishes or contingency tires (in this case, the next podium winner will receive these tires). EXCEPTIONS: Documented proof that ordered Hankook Motorsports tires did not arrive because of conditions beyond your control (and approved by LDRL management). It is your responsibility to order tires in advance at least two to three weeks prior to the event per the program guidelines.  


  • All cars are required to run an unmodified horizontal Hankook banner decal (provided) at the top of the windshield
  • All cars are required to run Hankook decals (provided) above each wheel well
  • All other tire manufacture decals must be covered or removed prior to Tech Inspection
  • All cars must come through Technical Inspection with race tires mounted & decals applied

*User Guide and Sizing Chart are for reference only.
Hankook Race Tire User Guide


Questions re: the LDRL tire contingency program, please contact